Kaspersky Lab Retains Secure Testing Top Spot in its Annual TOP3 Metric

Kaspersky Lab has continued to outperform the competition in its TOP3 metric for Internet security, achieving the top spot for the fourth year in a row in independent testing across the year. This consistency and quality of performance proves that Kaspersky Lab undoubtedly offers the best cyber protection available. Even more crucially, the TOP3 percentage growth for Kaspersky Lab products has increased year on year too, cementing the company's position as market leader.


Evolving alongside the sophisticated nature of cyberthreats and criminals, Kaspersky Lab products have achieved the highest percentage of top-three places in testing of independent research labs compared to any other vendor – 90 per cent, also outdoing its own performance in all previous years and up 8 per cent on 2015.

The TOP3 rating, derived by Kaspersky Lab, is a regular annual assessment of the performance of vendors in a range of the IT security sector’s independent tests. Consumer and corporate products that were submitted for independent testing throughout the year have been compared in the TOP3 metric, and the vendors are ranked according to the protection they provide against known, unknown and advanced threats. As its name suggests, the TOP3 metric recognises the ranking of the three top companies with the best score across the year. Each vendor receives a score based on the number of top three places it received in independent testing, relative to the number of tests it was involved in.

The testing process is rigorous and only transparent and clear tests are considered towards the overall ranking for each vendor. AV-Test and AV-Comparatives tests dominate the ranking as well as testing from labs including SELabs and VirusBulletin. All of the labs are recognised for the transparency in their testing and hold a strong position in the industry which can be trusted and relied upon.

In 2016, Kaspersky Lab entered 78 individual tests, analysing its ability to protect users against ransomware, exploits, financial malware, APTs, phishing and more. The company’s products were placed in the top three in 70 of these tests. Even more remarkably, the company received first-place ranking in 55 of these tests, 35 more than its nearest competitor. Not only achieving the best result in the industry, Kaspersky Lab stands out significantly above the competition, securing its position at the top of the table for the fourth year running.

“As we enter our 20th year as a global cybersecurity service and product provider in 2017, our position in the top spot of the TOP3 metric is further testament to the strength and power of our solutions. It further enforces our commitment to providing our customers of all sizes, from home security software consumers to multinational brands, with a reliable, proven and trustworthy cybersecurity protection. Our unique approach to tackling current and future threats means that our products are continuing to offer the most comprehensive protection there is. By blending human intelligence and technology the approach that we call HuMachine our products are proven to protect our customers in all areas of their digital lives, said Timur Biyachuev, Director, Anti-Malware Research at Kaspersky Lab.