Mozy Remote Backup


Mozy Remote Backup was founded in 2005 for consumers and businesses data backup needs.  The company now has more than 70,000 business customers and 1 million personal customers and it is responsible for backing up 70 petabytes of data to multiple data centers around the world.  With you can take advantage of their excellent services by searching for a discount or deal on our site.


Such has been the meteoric success story that Mozy Remote Backup is now part of a Fortune 500 company with their headquarters in Seattle, Washington.  The company, which also has bases in Pleasant Grove, Utah; Montreal, Canada; Cork, Ireland; London, England and Shanghai, China, is operated by VMWare and has as their parent company the EMC Corporation


The company offers two backup products – MozyHome and Mozy Pro.  The home and personal version of the backup service is called ‘MozyHome’.  This service is offered via monthly subscription plans and the charges are dependent upon on how much space is required by the user.

The business product of the backup service is called ‘MozyPro’.  With this product a separate license is required for each business computer and business server which requires backing up.  Business customers then pay per gigabyte of data backed up.


After the initial backup, Mozy Remote Backup believe backups should be smart and only back up data that has not already been backed up.  Therefore both products only back up the parts of a file that have changed, and allow the end user to be able to back up open and locked files.  All user data is locally encrypted, with users choosing their personal key, before finally transferring the data using an ultra-secure, military grade encryption and then transmitted via a 128-bit SSL connection.  The data is then stored in centers which are ISO certified.

In May 2010, Mozy launched both MozyPro 2.0 and MozyHome 2.0 and added upgraded performance, better support for local backup, and a new user interface.

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