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For keeping your computer safe from malware, viruses, and hackers, Panda Security services cannot be beat. They are ideal for people who use their computers for personal, business, or gaming reasons. Regardless of the sensitivity of the information on your PC, they have the best way to protect it. The easiest way to find Panda Security promo codes and discounts is from Only with us can you consistently find the best deals that help to keep your computer safe.


The computer security company was founded in 1990, back when it was called Panda Software, beginning in Bilbao, Spain before beginning international expansion. Now with business in 56 countries, they have quickly become a household name in PC security. This is because of both the quality and ease of use of their offerings. This was the first IT security company to utilize the power of cloud computing with their Collective Intelligence technology.

Panda Security is a leading cloud-based PC security provider, offering several products to make your office, email and web use safer, and less susceptible to hacking. The security operates on a cloud-based system. It does not matter if it is a laptop, a desktop, or an entire server, they will keep your system safe from known and unknown malware alike. No one will be able to play their tricks on your system.


These computer security services focus on the three major areas most often affected by viruses and hackers: endpoint, web, and email. A specific form of security is offered for each one of these three aspects of PC computing.

Users are offered maximum flexibility. You can control your security services remotely if you need, through a system of emails with a specific download URL. You can also pass along management responsibility to other authorized users. Thanks to the highly effective spam filtering and email quarantine, your bandwidth is maximized. So not only do you avoid being bothered by needless emails, your system will also run faster. Both personal time and processing time are saved.

Thanks to a system design that offers load-balancing and redundancy, your endpoint and mail delivery will be protected at all times. Even if you are away from your PC for an extended amount of time, there is no need to worry about hackers sneaking around behind your back. There is not one second where hackers have an open window.

For server administrators, a host web console allows you to control all of the security services, even those on remote workstations. If you want to run real-time or scheduled analysis on your network, you can do so. To optimize bandwidth, software is continually upgraded.


There are a whole host of antivirus programs and firewalls out there, all promising to keep the bad people out. However, many of them take up your bandwidth, over-filter your spam, and do not even keep you protected as they are supposed to. But with Panda Security you will stay safe thanks to Collective Intelligence, which keeps up to date with the latest malware tricks by doing a daily analysis of tens of thousands of new samples every day. This process guarantees you the ultimate protection, whether you are a home user or an office user.

Collective Intelligence gathers data from millions of users that exist worldwide in order to keep up to date on the latest destructive software, a process that is beneficial to everyone involved. In addition, any user of the security software has access to this massive malware information resource, so that you can respond to suspicious material as soon as possible.

Whether for the office, email or internet, this company prides itself on encouraging hassle-free computer use. If you do not have time to manage your security as closely as you would like, you have the option of delegating management of your security system to a service provider. For profile-based office security, that allows only you in, virus-free emails, and web browsing unhindered by latency, this security system is the way to go. It is a time saver, a bandwidth saver, and provides peace of mind. For maximum protection with a minimum of cost, this is it.

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