STA Travel


STA Travel is the world’s largest travel companies for discount flights for students and young people. The organization currently boasts 400 outlets worldwide with 70 of these based in the US alone. offers coupon codes with fantastic reductions on a variety of travel options right across the world. STA Travel discounts include flights for destinations as far apart as South America and China. give you access to thousands of deals that will give you up to $500 reduction on ‘Student Exclusive Flights’; $10 off Student & Youth Airfare.

What is STA Travel

The company was founded in 1979 and is owned by Swiss business, Diethelm Keller Limited, a family run concern they offer great Discounted Europe Airfare for Students Only. As long as you are under 26, you do not have to be a student; you can take advantage of their wide-ranging service and see the world at an affordable price. These excellent deals are targeted at the adventurous, and those who actually get as much fun from the journey as they will in the eventual destination. The company does not just operate as a straightforward travel company either. By listening to feedback and constantly working with young travelers, they operate on a number of different platforms.

The World Traveler Internship

This amazing opportunity is open to anyone in the US who is under 26. Billed as a ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ the company promotes the internship and offers the lucky winner a chance to become a truly universal traveler as they jet off to over 16 different countries in three months. Essentially this program is asking the two young people to act as roving reporters for the company; ideally, they will send photographs, tweets, blogs, and any other form of portable communications back to STA to let the company know what they have been up to. The whittling process of applications starts in January and continues up until March when eight people are selected to travel from the US to Europe and then continue their way around the continent. STA will fund all expenses. From those eight, a final two will be chosen and they will then travel the rest of the world. This sort of trip really highlights what STA is all about – young people having fun and traveling but also learning about the people, and the cultures they encounter on their way.


The company has grown and so have the opportunities it offers. For young Americans wishing to work overseas, the company can not only offer many useful suggestions but also offer a variety of packages wish promote adventure, safety and work opportunities. Working and playing in either New Zealand or Australia, if you book with the ‘Starter Package’ through STA., is easy. You can buy your basic flight to Oz, and then the package will link you up with a guide in Australia or New Zealand who will lead you through the tricky things such as how to buy a car, how set up a bank account, and how to get your tax code so that you ready to start work as soon as you are ready. The packages do differ but most will include a couple of nights hostel accommodation and a 12-month Job Club membership. All in all a fantastic and secure way of starting a working adventure overseas.


Many people use their STA experience to learn a new language. It is a lot easier to absorb a foreign language in the country of origin rather than stuck in a dull classroom or study hall. Travelers can book one of the specialized language learning courses in a variety of countries. Russia, China, and Italy are just a few of the destinations on offer. STA Travel has hooked up with a specialist firm in overseas learning and can truly offer the most interesting courses. For example, why not learn French cookery at the same time as the French language. Reviews of the courses are posted on the company’s website and range from the glowing to accredited recommendations from the world’s press.

Core Business

Of course, the primary focus of STA Travel is still the business of transporting young people from one part of the globe to the other in the cheapest way possible. The company can take the pain out of overseas travel and their efficiency goes a long way to calming anxious parents. STA offers travel insurance for those who just wish to travel within the US as well as for the long distance voyager. When choosing STA Travel, if you want money saving coupons, make sure to check for the best STA Travel coupon codes and free shipping.