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Founded by a group of scientists and dermatologists, TRIA Beauty offers a variety of light-based skin care treatments. In fact, they are the industry leader when it comes to light-based skin care treatments that are geared toward home use. This continuing success stems from the fact that their beauty products offer professional level results that can be achieved in the comfort of your home. This type of excellence is still rare for home use products.

With the invention in 1993 of the industry’s first successful in-office laser hair removal, the LightSheer, they began their skin care revolution. The LightSheer was the first device to allow customers to remove unsightly hair with precision, without having to resort to paying professional prices. The business of skin care has not been the same since, and the LightSheer is still widely used.

Since then, this TRIA Beauty has released a variety of hair removal and acne removal treatments that utilize the power of light. Usually light treatment is the kind of treatment that you would have to go to a doctor’s office for, but the power of light has been harnessed here in an easy to use system, so that almost anyone can make it work for them. In addition to the groundbreaking products that they have already unveiled, they are enticing customers with the promise of more new releases soon to come. The revolution continues.

It is important to note that all of these light-based skin care products are both clinically proven and FDA-cleared, so that you need not worry about them doing damage to your skin or any other part of your body. The safety of this beauty system, just like the effectiveness of it, leaves nothing to question. Since all of these light-based treatments are designed and tested by seasoned professionals, you are safe when you are in their hands.


Whether it is acne treatment or hair removal, all of this company’s skin treatments are light-based. There is chiefly one hair removal method and one acne removal method that they promote.

TRIA Hair Removal Laser

  • Using the same laser technology as the groundbreaking LightSheer of 1993, the TRIA Hair Removal Laser holds the distinction of being the only FDA-approved laser made specifically for home use that delivers permanent results. These permanent results are produced by the TRIA Hair Removal Laser gently disabling hair growth over the course of six to eight months. Without even a bit of pain, you can eliminate bothersome hair for good over a short span of time.

TRIA Skin Clarifying System

  • To get rid of acne, the TRIA Skin Clarifying System utilizes the same amount of Clarifying Blue Light that has been used by dermatologists since 2002. At the same time as enriching your complexion, the Clarifying Blue Light treatment softly but rapidly gets rid of your problem acne. This soothing three-step system requires only minutes a day to rid you of acne, all the while delivering nourishing components to your skin.


TRIA Beauty have some of the safest, most effective ways to keep your skin looking youthful. As opposed to a variety of creams and treatments that only occasionally work and may leave smears behind, these beauty products are all light-based, and so are clean. TRIA Beauty products are for use at home, they are also less expensive and more convenient than so-called professional treatments, which involve making appointments and dealing with fussy specialists. These treatments also allow you to avoid the pain that often goes into hair removal treatments. No wax, no razors, and no fuss: this is the way to go.

Keep Your Skin Beautiful

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