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Uniblue is a computer technology company that seeks to speed your computer up, as well as make the operation of your computer more stable. Launched in Malta in 2003, they have since created a legacy of steady worldwide growth, offering quality products that are geared toward ease of use.

One of their virtues is simplicity, as software being suited to a particular task is only half the battle. Their user-friendly technology helps to ensure that besides being useful, their software is also easy to use, so that even casual PC users can get the best out of their machine.

Another point that this Uniblue prides itself on is their extensive customer service, as well as their product updates and information resources. This combination of information and service helps to put the improvement of your computer’s operation in your own hands, regardless of your level of experience with PC troubleshooting.

How the Software Helps

With Uniblue software solutions, you can improve and customize your operating system in a variety of ways. It does not matter if you are using your PC online or at work, for gaming or business, the performance of your computer has to be tiptop.

The DriverScanner software enhances the performance of your computer by solving the problem of old drivers, which can greatly impede the functioning of your PC. Once you have installed DriverScanner, a single click will set the process of scanning your computer drivers in motion. Once the old drivers that need to be replaced are pinpointed, DriverScanner safely installs them.

If your PC is not running as fast as it should, then SpeedUpMyPC is the software for you. SpeedUpMyPC software scans your RAM, CPU function and network settings, and then pinpoints the aspects of your setup that are slowing you down. These may include certain files, settings, or processes. Once these impediments are identified, SpeedUpMyPC uses its array of tools to fine-tune your settings at the same time as deleting harmful files.

The speed of your PC’s functions can depend on your Windows registry, which is easily corrupted over time, accumulating useless files. This is where the award winning RegistryBooster comes in, as it seeks out errors that can cause PC instability. Harmful registry entries are swiftly disposed of, in order to keep your PC running safely and quickly. For increased PC speed, RegistryBooster can also defragment your registry.

In a package that even beginner users can take advantage of, the PowerSuite software is superlative in making the operation of your computer smoother and consistently fast. This is because PowerSuite combines the DriverScanner, SpeedUpMyPC, and RegistryBooster software in a single package. PowerSuite offers full performance management in a single package, and loses none of the user-friendly functionality that each software is famous for.

If you are in the market for Windows customization, their SystemTweaker software is the way to go. SystemTweaker allows you to easily navigate through your Windows operating systems, which can be complicated otherwise. With SystemTweaker you can change detailed system information, modify your right click function to suit your needs, alter the way your Windows operating system boots up and shuts down, adjust network settings to increase system safety, and make your Start and Control Panel menus more efficient.


The ease of use of the Uniblue system-enhancing software cannot be beat, and you will be shocked by how quickly the performance of your computer gets better. Any one of the performance enhancing software outlined above offers improvement, with PowerSuite offering the ultimate in PC troubleshooting. . In addition, once the initial improvements to your PC have been made with this software, you can then use that software to continually maintain your PC. With all of these PC enhancement and customization options, your computer’s future is up to you.

Speed up Your Computer

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