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Brief History

The company was established when in 1995 several major US communications companies, including Bell Atlantic Mobile and NYNEX Mobile Communications merged to form Bell-Atlantic and NYEX Mobile. The current company came into existence in 1999 with the amalgamation of Air Touch Communications (San Francisco) and the UK’s Vodafone Group Plc., to form Vodafone Air Touch subsequently through many corporate amalgamations and reformations; the corporation came into being in the year 2000 and soon established itself as the industry leader in wireless communication technology.

Based in New Jersey, in 2010, the company posted profits of $63.4 billion and employed 82,000 workers. The technical expertise of the company is one of the main reasons for its position as the US No1 as well as its ability to plan ahead and offer its constantly expanding customer base a variety of services and products.

The name ‘Verizon’ comes from joining the Latin word for truth, ‘veritas’, and the word horizon. The company hopes that this name will inspire customers with confidence and belief in their reliability and capabilities.


The range of products and services, from mobile phones to internet connection, supplied by the company is vast. Customers can use an international carrier to sign up to a high-speed internet connection, and the coupon codes give the online consumer excellent deals on FiOS hi-speed products. Many of these deals combine computer access with phone and TV usage. FiOS is the acronym for home communications that run on high-speed fiber optic communications. One of the reasons that the corporations FiOS are so successful is that it is the only internet carrier that uses a 100% fiber optic network. Other carriers tend to use a rather more mix and match system hooking into the fiber-optic network with copper and older cabling methods, therefore reducing communication speeds. They are constantly expanding their broadband coverage and increasing speeds, making them the most efficient internet carrier in the States.

The company also supplies cell phones from all the major manufacturers and includes 4G Androids, smartphones, tablets, and iPhones. They have ambitious plans to expand the 4G network to reach over 145 markets coast to coast by the end of 2011, the service is currently available to 55 markets, and the company also plans to expand the network to over 2/3rd of the US by 2012

The Future

4G is all about speed and this corporation claims to run the fastest 4G networks in the US. The widespread introduction of this service will help both domestic and business use alike. Downloading films, games, apps, and news will happen in seconds. Commercial data downloads will be easier and faster. The company also believes that this innovative technology will help the company sustain its Number One US position. 4G LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and one of the future applications for this remarkable development will be to network home appliances from a simple chip in your cell phone.

Customer Benefits

Verizon prides itself on its customer aftercare service. Customers can either benefit from online support or talk to an advisor directly over the phone. In 2009, the company launched its ‘Friends and Family’ service which gives customers unlimited calling rates on five select numbers separate from their regular mobile calling group, this applies to plans of over 900 minutes. The service has also been extended for calling landlines also. Another new feature introduced by the company is ‘Home Phone Connect’ – the service only costs $19.99 per month and offers unlimited calls throughout the US on your home phone. If a customer from another carrier wishes to swap over to this one, they can even keep their existing ‘phone number and therefore reduce any extra problems in keeping in touch with friends.

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