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About Webroot Software

The company was founded in 1997, and has been providing security solutions ever since then. The company is privately owned, with its main office located in Broomfield, Colorado. A small business structure has been maintained, with about 450 employees as of May 2011. In addition to North America, the company also services Europe and the Asia-Pacific area. This has helped the company to become known around the world.

The line of products is available for both home and business users, with its internet security products rated as being among the world’s best. Their line of products includes internet security and anti-malware products, privacy protection software and archiving software. Webroot Software Inc. deals can be found on our site to help you take further advantage of the company’s offerings.

Webroot Software

Anti-Virus Internet Security Plus Internet Security Complete
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Software for Home Users

Three anti-virus programs are offered to suit the differing needs of home users. Antivirus with SpySweeper provides anti-virus protection, as well as protection against harmful malware. You can also take advantage of Internet Security Complete, which protects against viruses and harmful software, or Internet Security Essentials, with a convenient backup feature. Additional products include Window Washer, which clears browsing history, and Spy Sweeper, an effective malware remover. If you want to be assured of protection from harmful mobile device files, try Mobile and Tablet Security, which protects your mobile devices against harmful apps.

Software for Business Users

Webroot Software Inc. discounts also include security programs for business users. Both desktop and cloud solutions are available, with cloud software solutions helping your system to run more effectively without individual software installations. Examples of cloud solutions include Web Security Service for filtering and protection, Email Security Service for email threats, the Email Archiving Service for simpler email management and storage solutions. Endpoint Security Software is installed on the desktop, and guards against both viruses and malware.

A Range of Professional Services

Another helpful feature is the company’s support services. These services allow one of the company’s consultants to access your computer remotely to install software or resolve problems. This is especially helpful for users who prefer to have someone perform these tasks for them. These services include:

  • Installation Services

A consultant can access your computer via your internet connection and remove any existing software that may conflict with your new software. Then, the consultant will install the software that you need. Verification will be performed to make sure the software is working properly.

  • Security Health Check

The health check uses a ten-point diagnostic system to ensure that your system is secure. Some of the functions of the diagnostic check include detecting harmful software, checking for unsecured wireless connections, and disk cleanup.

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

This service allows you to have viruses removed by a trained consultant, with a 24-hour guarantee. It is especially helpful for viruses that are difficult to remove.

Benefits for Home Users

Home PC users can be confident that they are using effective security products. The range of products protects your computer against the worst threats, while allowing you to go about your business. Use the updates provided to ensure that your software is always up-to-date. You will receive even better benefits from the software by taking advantage of the professional services that are available. Since they are reasonably priced, you will find that they are worth the investment.

Advantages for Businesses

Business users can save by using these products, especially when discounts are available. The cloud security solutions provide savings, since your company does not have to install software or extra hardware. We also recommend taking advantage of the free trials that are available. These allow you to see if the software is a good fit for your business.

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